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Amazon and IMDb Just Launched a Free Streaming Service

Amazon has been collaborating with internet film database IMDb to set up a new advertising supported streaming service. And now it's finally here.

Credit: Tom's Guide

(Image credit: Tom's Guide)

Called IMDb Freedive, the service is available for free to users in the US looking to watch films or TV shows. Amazon’s plans were originally leaked in August 2018, and it now turns out that the details revealed at that point were mostly accurate, albeit incomplete.

The service can be accessed through IMDb’s website, either from the dedicated Freedive section, or by clicking from a link on a film or series in the database that’s available to watch there. Alternatively, you can view its content through the Freedive channel on Amazon Fire TV devices. IMDb has also said that you'll be able to access the service on mobile in the near future.

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Once you’re in, you just pick some content and watch it as normal, though you will have to sit through some ad breaks. Like with Prime Video, you will be able to use Amazon’s ‘X-Ray’ function to see extra information about what you’re watching in an overlay on top of the video.

The current selection is comprised of 130 films and 29 TV series, according to Variety. From the titles that it lists, you can enjoy plenty of TV shows, from big sci-fi series like Fringe, Quantum Leap and Heroes, to some reality TV in the form of The Bachelor, Duck Dynasty and Kitchen Nightmares. For movies, there's titles like Memento, The Last Samurai, Foxcatcher, Drive and A Few Good Men, just to name a few. Amazon and IMDb have said they plan to expand the range, as well as rotate out content.

Amazon has owned IMDb since 1998. Other than the ‘An Amazon Company’ badge in IMDb’s web page footer, it’s been easy to forget the two are linked. But Freedive is a big clear sign of the two companies' relationship, using the combined power of Amazon’s streaming technology and IMDb’s audience of enthusiasts to kick-start what could be a very lucrative service.