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A Fire TV Cube Could Be On the Way

Amazon could be planning a new device for the smart home soon. But exactly what it is, and what it might offer, are anyone's guess.

Credit: Amazon

(Image credit: Amazon)

The folks over at AFTVNews have uncovered a page on Amazon's website that points to a signup form about a new "Fire TV Cube." The page is black with a colored horizon and says, "What is Fire TV Cube?" Under that caption, Amazon writes that "details [are] coming soon." There's also a sign-up form where you can input your information to get updates.

While it's unclear what Amazon might have cooking, a reader on Engadget, which reported on the leak earlier, gave the news outlet a scan of the manual for an Amazon Ethernet adapter. In that manual, there's a mention of an "Amazon Fire TV Cube" and a diagram that shows the Cube with a handful of ports, including HDMI, infrared, and power. There's also a micro-USB port marked "network."

There's no telling exactly what all of this might mean. And in a statement to AFTVNews, Amazon said only that the site is a "signup page" and "not an announcement." The spokesperson added, however, that "more details are coming soon."

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Of course, speculation is now running rampant about what Amazon might have planned. Some reports suggest that the device could be a new set-top box for the living room — which makes sense, considering its name. Others, however, suggest it might be a unique entry into the Amazon line of devices that could sit alongside the many other products the company sells.

According to AFTVNews, a previous rumor said that the device would have an Echo Dot-like feature that would allow you to control your smart home with a voice command. It would also be a streaming box for helping you play all kinds of content on your television.

What we do know, though, is that the Fire TV Cube is coming soon. The fact that Amazon acknowledged that is a good sign. But also including it in a manual suggests its release could be closer than consumers might expect.