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Akoya Recreational Plane Offers Endless Possibilities

French based company LISA Airplanes has recently developed its premiere two-seater airplane, the AKOYA Light Amphibious Ski Plane. This luxurious plane features a unique design and a handful of great features that is sure to make any adventure loving individual happy. Marketed as the "only airplane to land on water, land and snow with equal ease", the Akoya plane is perfect for anyone with an active lifestyle.

One of the design aspects that makes the Akoya airplane more appealing is its pivoting wings that allow the plane to be stored and transported with ease. Other performance driven design aspects allow the plane to reach unprecedented seaplane performance levels, traveling over 680 miles with only 18.5 gallons of unleaded gasoline. With a top speed above 130 mph, the Akoya plane is both fuel efficient and fast.

Powering the plane is a 100 hp Rotax engine that allows it to take off and land in an area smaller than 650 feet, ideal for just about any situation. The small amount of land required to take off allows Akoya to thrive on private land, lakes, rivers, airports and even snow-covered roads. One of the many included safety precautions include a full-sized parachute that only takes the passengers to the ground safely, but the plane as well. This is essential, seeing as how users will be paying over $400,000 for the plane.

The price tag may be a bit hefty, but it also includes personalized LISA Airplanes services such as pilot training for three different types of landings, personalization of the aircraft as well as three years of maintenance and a lifetime of customer assistance. The airplane is expected to receive all of its certification and begin shipping in mid-2012. Prospective buyers can find more information about the plane and reservations at LISA Airplane's page here.