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Why Apple's 2018 iPhones Will Have Killer Battery Life

Apple's iPhones have solid battery life, but a new report suggests things will only get better in the company's 2018 handsets.

Credit: Tom's Guide

(Image credit: Tom's Guide)

Apple is working on a new power management chip that it's designing itself and will rely on Taiwan Semiconductor (TSMC) to produce for next year's iPhones, Nikkei is reporting. The chip will handle all the critical components in boosting battery life, including power management and power consumption.

Speaking to Nikkei, a source said that the chip is being designed to deliver "the most advanced" power management features in the industry and will have "processing capabilities that allow it to better monitor and control power consumption among various components."

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Over the last few years, Apple has been increasing its investment in processor design and has taken on a bigger role in the components that power its iPhones. Earlier this year, for instance, the company said that it would take over the design of its graphics chips, dealing a blow to long-time partner Imagination Technologies. Adding power management to the mix would give the company control over another component.

Apple, of course, has the cash to develop its own chips. But the real value might be in having a proprietary solution. If Apple can develop a power management system that's dramatically better than those you'd find in an Android-based device, that would only help Apple.

So, when might the iPhone get its new power management chip? Nikkei's sources say that Apple will try to get the new chip into iPhones starting next year. However, Apple is planning to take a gradual approach to the iPhone rollout and likely won't be able to deliver the chip in all iPhones until 2019.

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