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Star Wars The Rise of Skywalker Tickets Are On Sale Now! What to Know

8:05 p.m. Eastern Update: Moments ago, tickets for The Rise of Skywalker just went on sale around the country. The original article, as you'll see below notes that tickets were expected to go on sale when the trailer hit during half-time of the Pats/Jets game, but it appears that the schedule was moved up.

I got my tickets.

(Image credit: Alamo Drafthouse)

Okay, Skywalker Saga aficionados, it's time to ready your F5 buttons. Tonight, hundreds of thousands of small one-man fighters should be able to penetrate local theater box office outer defenses — and secure tickets to Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker.

The official Star Wars Twitter account announced that the final trailer for the film will debut on ESPN during Monday Night Football. This led many to assume tickets will become available at the same time, during the Patriots vs. Jets game.

Later, Good Morning America's Twitter account confirmed that speculation.

Specifically, the trailer and tickets will launch at halftime, so you'll want to keep an eye on the game clock (if not on the game itself).

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I first noticed that movement on The Rise of Skywalker tickets was afoot over the weekend, when entries for the film appeared in the Alamo Drafthouse app. Ahead of high demand, Alamo is introducing a virtual line for ticket-buyers to wait on, to avoid everyone massively refreshing the app over and over again. 

As the weeks tick by until The Rise of Skywalker hits theaters, I'm getting increasingly anxious about making sure I can see the film as early as possible, to avoid any and all spoilers. Especially when it comes to Rey's background and her future.

In other Star Wars news, the first reactions are out for The Mandalorian, the highly anticipated Disney Plus show. The few critics and influencers who got to see the show early tweeted about how great the show is, giving me the impression that this show is going to be a must-see.