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OnePlus 8 Pro leaked with double hole punch camera

(Image credit: Weibo)

The OnePlus 7 Pro and 7T Pro are known for their motorized, pop-up selfie cameras, which keep the devices’ massive 6.67-inch AMOLED displays devoid of obstructions.

However, there’s reason to believe the phone maker may deviate from that trend, now that photos have emerged of a mysterious OnePlus-looking device spotted in the wild with not one, but two hole-punch shooters.

The images broke as so many do, via Chinese social network Weibo, and suggest a handset that embeds a pair of front-facing lenses into steeply curved displays, similar to those on the Pro models. There also appears to be a vertical triple-camera stack on the rear that almost looks lifted from the OnePlus 7 series.

The shot of the face of the device is blurry, so we’re not 100% certain what we’re seeing along the top edge is actually a space dedicated to cameras. However, there’s reason to think it is, as earlier rumors suggested OnePlus intends to ditch the pop-out lens in at least one of its future flagships. In October, OnLeaks and 91Mobiles released a render of the OnePlus 8 Pro that utilized only one shooter baked into the screen on the front, in the upper left corner.

An earlier render of the OnePlus 8 Pro based on leaked information. Notice the location of the selfie camera.

An earlier render of the OnePlus 8 Pro based on leaked information. Notice the location of the selfie camera. (Image credit: OnLeaks/91 Mobiles)

Granted, that’s quite different from the two-lens arrangement we’re seeing in these public photos. Interestingly, the pill-shaped cutout in this latest leak isn’t totally flush with the right corner of the display, as it appears to leave some room for the time next to it, within the status bar.

It’s a strange look, and one we haven’t seen a phone maker attempt thus far — though it could allow for more natural-looking selfies. Anyone who has ever attempted to snap a portrait with the Galaxy S10’s front-facing camera knows that getting a head-on, front-and-center shot of yourself is very tough when the optics are all the way off to one side.

It’s still early in leaks season for the OnePlus 8 and 8 Pro. These phones likely won’t emerge until the spring, so we expect to see many more renders and spy shots before they’re officially unveiled. Perhaps it’ll give OnePlus more time to crowdsource the design — hole punch, or no hole punch?

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