Windows 10 May 2021 update just killed off these features

Windows 10
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Microsoft has rolled out its Windows 10 May 2021 Update, otherwise known as version 21H1. And with it, the firm has introduced some updated features — and bid farewell to several others.

Axing OS features with one fell swoop of the Windows wand isn’t unusual by any means; it's something occasionally required to spruce up the OS in a sort of digital spring cleaning. Sometimes, Microsoft replaces these features with new options, effectively shelving the older features. Other times, it expunges them completely.

So, with that in mind, there's been something of a Windows 10 reshuffle. The unlucky features to get the boot this time around include the Legacy Microsoft Edge and XDDM-based remote display driver. 

News of Legacy Edge being canned shouldn't come as much of a surprise since Microsoft recently announced it was withdrawing support following the launch of Chromium-based Edge. It echoes news of Microsoft 365 apps saying farewell to Internet Explorer 11, as Microsoft looks to pull the plug on IE in 2022.  

As for the XDDM-based remote display drivers, it's unlikely to cause any major concern for the average user. 

Playing second fiddle

Beyond this, Microsoft has deprecated several features, which means they no longer remain under active development and could be removed later on. 

One such feature is 'Personalization roaming' settings — like slideshow, wallpaper, lock screen images and accent colors — now stuck in development stasis for the near future at least, with Microsoft adding that it could be fully “removed in a future release.”

This setting was basically a way to sync your visual preferences to other Windows-based devices. Earth shattering? Not so much. But it was nice to have.

Clearly, such decisions are taken on the merit of research before being actioned. Another feature to be shelved is the Windows Management Instrumentation Command-Line (WMIC), which has been "superseded by Windows PowerShell for WMI. Note: This deprecation only applies to the command-line management tool. WMI itself is not affected," Microsoft says.

On a more uplifting and separate note, Microsoft has made some Microsoft Teams video upgrades, giving hosts better control over who is on screen. Organizers will be able to disable and enable video from specific attendees, or turn off the feeds of everyone on a call. 

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