What the launch of ReasonLabs VPN for iOS means for Apple users

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Cybersecurity company ReasonLabs has announced the launch of its VPN service for iOS, meaning its flagship virtual private network is now available across Apple devices.

Previously unable on Apple's operating service, users will now be able to use ReasonLab's enterprise-grade privacy and Wi-Fi security as well as RAV VPN's secure encrypted protection.

Designed with privacy and security in mind, RAV VPN offers data protection and online safeguarding to prevent its user's data from being stolen.

Features of the VPN include fast online streaming, seamless installation, private and secure browsing, data encryption and a no-logs policy, meaning any and all activity is never recorded or shared with anyone.

Discussing the launch of RAV VPN across iOS, Kobi Kalif, ReasonLabs CEO and co-founder said: "The digital landscape is rapidly evolving and the need for strong privacy and security solutions has never been more critical. 

"RAV VPN for iOS empowers users to take control of their online experiences, ensuring they can connect online with confidence and peace of mind. RAV VPN for iOS is the newest addition to our extensive portfolio of security solutions and we remain fully committed to democratizing enterprise-grade security for all."

While portable Apple devices (e.g. iPhones) have supported VPN connections since iOS 2.0, they have never come with a built in VPN service.

RAV VPN is now available on the Apple app store, meaning it can be downloaded and launched in just a couple of taps. The app itself is free, but the RAV VPN has a monthly charge of $19.99.

To learn more about RAV VPN for iOS, Windows or Android, or any other of ReasonLabs' products and/or services, visit www.reasonlabs.com.

ReasonLabs is a leading cybersecurity company that offers enterprise cybersecurity protection to home users. Founded in 2016, ReasonLabs offers an extensive catalogue of cybersecurity solutions, including VPNs, antivirus software and endpoint protection services.

Do I really need a VPN on my iPhone?

VPNs offer an extra layer of security for your data, ensuring your personal information is kept secret and safe from prying eyes, but this isn't all they're good for.

VPNs allow you to spoof your location from anywhere in the world, meaning that if you're travelling, you don't have to wait until you're home to watch the next episode of the series you're currently bingeing. By using a VPN, you're able to virtually set your location to home, allowing you to access your usual content from across streaming services.

This also comes with the added benefit of accessing the streaming catalogues for other countries through the same location settings, allowing you to watch movies and TV shows that would ordinarily be inaccessible.

For more information on picking the right VPN for you, check out our guide to the best iPhone VPNs.

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