Technics releases limited-edition SL1200 to celebrate iconic turntable's 50th birthday

Technics SL1200m7l in red
(Image credit: Technics)

Few turntables are as recognizable as the iconic Technics SL1200, and you can celebrate its 50th birthday today by treating yourself to a limited-edition version in one of seven fetching colors.  

Though it didn't make the list of our best turntables for any budget, the SL1200 is a legend in living rooms and dance clubs around the world. Its robust design with precision direct-drive motor and pitch adjustment control are just a few of the reasons why it's been the go-to deck for DJs worldwide since it was introduced in 1972. And now you can buy a special limited-edition version.

The new model is based on Technics 2019 SL-1200MK7 turntable edition and will be limited to 12,000 units in black, red, blue, white, green, yellow, and beige; we rather like the red one.  

Technics SL1200M7L in beige

(Image credit: Technics)

Placing a vinyl disc on a platter and lowering the tonearm makes everyone feel like a DJ, right? As an owner of a reimaged Technics SL1200 when it was resurrected back in 2016/17, I know the sense of occasion playing vinyl on this deck can bring. And the limited-edition SL1200 looks set to make every record it spins seem even more special, thanks to the golden anodised tonearm, the black and gold-coloured Technics-logo-emblazoned slipmat, and the limited-edition serial number engraved for all to see on top of the plinth.

Along with the special anniversary touches, the SL1200M7L also features a highly damped plinth to insulate it for external noise and vibrations from interfering with the turntable’s highly sensitive components. 

Standard SL1200 features are also onboard, including quick start/stop and speed adjustment function, pitch-control function, reverse play, and an LED to illuminate the way as the stylus is placed in a record groove.

Technics SL1200M7L all limited edition colors

(Image credit: Technics)

The SL-1200M7L can be pre-ordered from selected retailers today (April 7) priced at $1,099 / £899 / AU$1,999 and shipments are expected to arrive early July.

To mark the iconic SL1200’s 50th anniversary, Technics is also hosting a free live-streamed dance event in conjunction with Boiler Room, starting at 9 a.m. (ET), with seven hours of performances from international DJs, each using one of the different colorways of the new SL-1200M7L.

The DJ artist line-up is set to include: DJ Koco (Japan), Mala (UK), Ellen Allien (Germany), Gilles Peterson (UK), Shanti Celeste (Chile), Marcel Dettman (Germany) and DJ CRAZE (USA).

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