Google Maps could be about to get much better — here's how

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Google Maps could be getting a design refresh that makes it easier to choose your preferred form of transport. 

That's based on screenshots of the latest beta (v11.28) sent to 9to5Google, which show the new transport options together with a new version of the Maps UI, which was previously tested last year

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The new design includes a floating panel above the map itself, plus changes to the transport tab at the bottom end of the map interface. It seems the tab will now more easily let you remove certain transportation methods, with your choices then affecting what Maps subsequently shows you. For instance, if you don't own a car you could leave that option unselected and the transport tab would skip driving options entirely. 

google maps preferred transport update screenshots

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It’s already possible to change your preferred transport method in Google Maps, but the process is a little convoluted. It involves heading to Settings > Google Assistant > Account > Preferences > Transport. Not only does this involve too many steps, but it also only applies to requests from Google Assistant — which only makes it half useful.

This update should make it possible to configure your preferences in the Google Maps app itself, saving you time and hassle, but also (theoretically at least) applying the settings to all Google Maps navigation.

Unfortunately, the new feature isn’t available to everyone, even those with the latest version of the Google Maps beta. But if you're one of the lucky ones who does have access you can find it in the Trip Options menu; the same place you go to tell Maps whether you want to avoid tolls, highways and ferries.

In addition to the selection process being new, there are also increased transportation options within the tab: driving, walking, rail, bus, cycling, ride-hailing services, and bike/scooter share services are all pictured in the screenshot.

Given that this change hasn’t shown up for all Google Maps beta testers, myself included, it’s not clear whether the new UI and transportation options will be getting a wider rollout soon, or indeed at any time. 

I’m hoping that it does, if only to help users clean up and better personalize their Google Maps experience. But in the meantime, you can level up your Google Maps game by checking out our Google Maps tips and tricks article.

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