River Hart

River Hart

Tech Software Editor

River is a Tech Software Editor and VPN expert, helping take care of cybersecurity content here at Tom’s Guide. Whether it’s ensuring VPN pages are up to date, covering digital privacy events, or ensuring that news reaches readers as soon as it breaks, River has a vested interest in helping folks behind the screen advocate for their digital rights.

Originally from North Wales, River graduated from Manchester Metropolitan University with a First Class degree in Creative Writing and real knack for crafting stories. After bouncing around the UK as a B2B magazine editor (and working in an eclectic range of fields ranging from theme parks and amusements, VR gaming, and e-commerce), River landed in Liverpool in 2019. After joining ProPrivacy, they dove into the world of cybersecurity, and has since been quoted in The Guardian, BBC News, and Forbes.

When they’re not keeping Tom’s Guide content nice and tidy, River likes to wind down by raiding in Final Fantasy 14, trying not to fall down various mountains and hills while hiking, and shouting at men in tights at wrestling shows.

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