Xbox 360 to Get 802.11n Wi-Fi Adapter

A new Microsoft Wi-Fi adapter is coming for the Xbox 360. This, of course, is an add-on accessory for the console as it is the only current generation runner without built-in wireless.

With the firming up of the 802.11n, Microsoft seems to be ready to launch a brand new, upgraded wireless accessory for the console, as Engadget caught floating through the FCC.

The version spied at the FCC includes two antennas, perhaps opening up for dual-band possibilities with the high-end Wireless-N routers.

One advantage of going with 802.11n is the increased range, leading to stronger signals for Halo trash-talking even if you're far from the router.

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  • thackstonns
    I like my setup better. N router wired to xbox. Everything else in the house wireless n. Bought the n router for less than Microsoft's g adapter
  • CptTripps
    Yeah, my 360 and HTPC are both hard wired and all other devices wireless G. I have N adapters in two laptops and on my desktop so an upgrade would be cool, but not necessary atm.
  • rcmaniac25
    Hopefully they will lower the cost on this instead of charging $100 for it.