Samsung's Virtual Reality Headset Leaks

We knew it was coming. Given Samsung's reported partnership with Oculus VR, it was only a matter of time until its virtual reality headset saw the light of day. According to leaks obtained by The Verge, this is it.

The new headset, codenamed "Project Moonlight," seems closer to Google's Cardboard system that used an inexpensive form to mount a smartphone screen across a user's vision range. Samsung takes this as step further by adding a more substantial headband/case, smartphone clip, and 3D lenses on top of the smartphone display to achieve an immersive  experience.

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The photo also shows the Samsung Gamepad, which is an Android controller released last year. This may indicate that "Project Moonlight" will be Android powered, with all the processing done by the attached smartphone.

The idea of using a smartphone display to power virtual reality headsets isn't new. Oculus is using Samsung Galaxy Note 3 screens in its most recent development kit. While it is unclear how much involvement Oculus has had on "Project Moonlight," previous reports indicated that the company was trading software technology in exchange for the display hardware from Samsung.

According to The Verge, Samsung was planning to unveil "Project Monnlight" at IFA Sept. 3. The launch could coincide with the Galaxy Note 4 and the Gear Solo standalone smartwatch.

With the forecasted trio of announcements, IFA will be Samsung's most important show of the year. The virtual reality race is on.

via The Verge

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