Best Internet Radio Apps

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  • Anonymous
    I've been using Total Recorder for years to record radio broadcasts, both off the air and over the internet. It has a good scheduling program that can open and close URLs in a browser so that you don't miss a show even if you're not around to start the stream.
  • in_the_loop
    Freecorder may contain malware and a hi-jacker.
    Several comments in the Freecoreder 7 youtubevideo reports of it.!

    Gonna try it in a virtual machine to see if the claims are true.
    Just had to let others know, if it is potentially dangerous.
  • in_the_loop

    Freecorder is loaded with malware!
    Almost all comments aboujt the download it CNET tells about it being a can of worms with hi-jackers and different kinds of malware:
  • ward99
    I've been using Station ripper to record internet radio for years (8+!!??)

    Really really worth it!