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10 Classic PC Games Begging For A Remake

The first of several Origin titles on this list.

Oh this game was fun. Autoduel was a role-playing game inspired by Mad Max and was based on the Steve Jackson Games series "Car Wars," published by the masters of 1980s gaming, Origin Systems.

Set in a dystopic, anarchic future in the northeast U.S., you took on courier jobs driving to major cities to make deliveries. Of course, you faced bad guys who wanted to run you off the road. So you customized your ride with everything from guns to rocket launchers to oil slicks that sent cars off the road.

There were some nice features, like your ability to fix your own car and to strip cars for parts that you destroyed on the road. The game gave you a chance to practice and make money by competing in an arena. They really put some thought into the game, and with modern graphics and AI, they can make it more versatile in terms of cars, weapons, missions and enemies.

The game had a storyline but it was fairly open-ended for a game of that time period, when most games put you on rails and gave you very little chance to deviate from the storyline. Eventually you would get powerful nothing was a challenge.

Because Jackson owns the copyright, it's not on any abandonware sites, but that doesn't matter. It needs a modern updating. "Burnout" got old after a while. A game like this, with a purpose to your madness, has long play potential, again as either a single player or online game.

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