10 Classic PC Games Begging For A Remake


The first of several Origin titles on this list.

Oh this game was fun. Autoduel was a role-playing game inspired by Mad Max and was based on the Steve Jackson Games series "Car Wars," published by the masters of 1980s gaming, Origin Systems.

Set in a dystopic, anarchic future in the northeast U.S., you took on courier jobs driving to major cities to make deliveries. Of course, you faced bad guys who wanted to run you off the road. So you customized your ride with everything from guns to rocket launchers to oil slicks that sent cars off the road.

There were some nice features, like your ability to fix your own car and to strip cars for parts that you destroyed on the road. The game gave you a chance to practice and make money by competing in an arena. They really put some thought into the game, and with modern graphics and AI, they can make it more versatile in terms of cars, weapons, missions and enemies.

The game had a storyline but it was fairly open-ended for a game of that time period, when most games put you on rails and gave you very little chance to deviate from the storyline. Eventually you would get powerful nothing was a challenge.

Because Jackson owns the copyright, it's not on any abandonware sites, but that doesn't matter. It needs a modern updating. "Burnout" got old after a while. A game like this, with a purpose to your madness, has long play potential, again as either a single player or online game.

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  • xurwin
    how about, those minesweeper and solitaire, dont they deserve a remake? or even paint.
  • killerclick
    Good luck with Tie Fighter and Wing Commander, the average gamer today wouldn't be able to figure out the nav points, let alone how to manage shields, weapons and targeting. And of course it would be an iPad/iOS app to begin with.
  • mercer95
    lands of lore?
  • Anonymous
    Knights of Legend,
    plus all the old Sierra games need to be updated for iPad/tablets! :)
  • Onus
    I'd play a Wizardry remake; absolutely. I had it on my Crapple ][+.
  • Anonymous
    Descent. There is still not another game like it, although the original is very attainable on GOG.com. Still looks good for a game from the mid-90s, too, although I would love to see a modern remake.
  • cypress187
    You can find something very similiar to Dungeon Keeper on Facebook call Dungeon Overlord.
  • m1ke1991
    Freespace and Freespace 2.
  • Anonymous
    Starflight. Starflight II. Roam the Galaxy looking for artifacts. Watch out for the pesky Spemin and the cantankerous Gazurtoids!
    Ogre. The ONLY way to play the Steve Jackson game!
    Secret of Monkey Island. Loved the swordfighting insults, written by Orson Scott Card, who went on to make it big writing science fiction
  • Anonymous
    Ahh.. the nostalgia! I played Wizardy for many, many hours. Zork, too. Had friends really into Might and Magic and Ultima. Thanks for the walk down memory lane.
  • Anonymous
    Nord and Bert Couldn't Make Heads of Tails of It. A unique word game using puns, spoonerisms and other word play. From Infocom.
  • memadmax
    Use DOSBOX

    It will pretty much run any DOS game out there.
  • aidynphoenix
    aidyn chronicles the first mage.
    ocarina of time.
    super metroid (snes)
    perfect dark (n64)
  • Anonymous
  • leorick
    If there's one game I totally loved back then it would be WINGS of FURY.
  • signothorn
    I'd add Vampire the Masquerade: Redemption.
  • QEFX
    Wizardry I still play (dosbox for older - straight up for the 8), WingCommander (ditto). I can only imagine what they could do with a modern budget and dx11 graphics.

    FreeSpace 3 must be done ... this is not a request ... it's a demand. Great game(s) / even better community.

    MOO & MOM: Master of Orion and Master of Magic, I miss x4 strategy games. The ones out there are good but not quite the same.

    Planescape ... may be a bit hard considering how silly Hasbro/Wizards/TSR/WhoCares has been.

    Balls of Steel ... no the pinball game. Pinball fantasies etc was great as well. Am I the only person left who loves pinball games?

    Flight Unlimited. Back in the day great graphics. With DX11 GPUs .. it could be just jaw-dropping.

    Lastly .. HEY EA LISTEN UP YOU FOOLS ... NSF BRITAIN, ITALY, GERMANY & USA/MUSCLE UNLEASHED. No more drifting crap, no more arcade crap, no more pretty but crappy controls, no more DRM infections, no mmo gimmicks, no more EA only mod community ... I want a sequel to Porsche Unleashed and I want you to help the community to rebuild the brand you seem intent on killing.
  • billcat479
    While I really blasted the last game review (it was pointless) this one really was done well and brings back lot of memories.
    I got into Zork as did my brother and a few friends. In a way the player made the world by drawing maps and logic lines that helped you type your way though the game and if you ever got to the end you had a drawn out map of the world you typed though. There was also a lot of books and maps sold for the cheaters or the impatient or the understandably frustrated players. There was a lot of those you would find on the pre web or BBS's of the time.
    For old space games I still prefer the I-war game over the Xwing game because it gave you a feeling of really being in space after a sort. The Xwing was a air plane game in space and nothing more. It just had the star war's appeal. With I-War if you choose you could hit the engines in a planet system and slowly go faster and faster until you got close to the speed of light. That sure took a long time. Put a weight on the keyboard for a day or so to do that. Or use the LDS drive to instantly flash up close to lightspeed. That was a lot of fun with the space battles.
    I would vote for either the might and magic or the ultima games. Shows why I love the Skyrim games. They let you more free to roam and fight or just roam and run away if you wanted. I grew up using the very old Atari 800 computers and their 520ST that had the GEM desktop that was the forerunner to Windows except it was totally reliable unlike Windows and came on a small EPROM chip. Went with AMD 386 40mhz after that. Tried some Atari rehash for the PC but they never worked very good. Like said the clock speeds were so far different and they needed a time limiter in the software instead of just running at program speed. If they would have done some reprograming they could have made them work better but you also needed the very very simple atari joystick with some of them also. The keyboard just couldn't work with them right. For a 8 point device those simple joysticks worked real good for those old simple games hehe.... They were just about indestructible as well.
    But good article, it was really done well and brought back loads of memories of simple but fun games. No matter how complex a game can be it still needs the fun factor that is fighting tooth and nail with eye candy these days and it's hard to find a really down to earth fun game these days. But there are a few every so often. Love Skyrim, Doom series and about 2, maybe 3 of the Call of duty games, the rest were pure money makers and not much fun as they all became the same after a point.
    Anyway, thanks for putting out a good game review article that had a good point too it. I'm too much of a bitch to be very nice but I get buy here and there.
  • billcat479
    Oh yeah, I love the old pinball games too. Spent many a quarter in some taverns on those. There was this one playboy pin ball game that we drove everyone in there nuts with. The ball would run into a slot and run a piece of music and then eject the ball after getting a bunch of points.
    We got the timing down that once the music played out we would give it a good whack and the ball ejector would miss and get more points. Talk about irritating, music WHACK, music WHACK, music WHACK.... on and on... you could hear in from the bathroom heheheh.. I mean super irritating to just about everyone in the tavern... hehe.... They took it out after 2 months of that.... They liked us enough to put up with it for that long... hehe.. We sat in the bathroom just laughing our ass's off hearing one friend we put in charge of whacking it... Good days.. sigh... miss them a lot.
  • mayankleoboy1
    BMENACE by apogee software