White House Lands App on iPhone, iPod Touch

The official White House blog announced Tuesday that it has launched a free application for the Apple iPhone and iPod Touch. Proud patriots can now take streaming White House content no matter where they go--at least on the iPhone--and watch live public events such as key speeches and press briefings.

"In addition to the millions of Americans watching through TV and websites like WhiteHouse.gov/live, iPhone users on the go will be able to tune in through their phones," said White House blogger Dave Cole. He also added that President Obama's January 27 "State of the Union" speech will be viewable through the app.

In addition to steaming video, the app pipes in updates from both the White House blog and the Briefing Room with content such as "behind-the-scenes" photos and on-demand videos. The app also links to archived special events, recent speeches, and press briefings. What the app doesn't bring to the table are the official Twitter and Facebook feeds.

The White House blog also stated that a mobile version of the White House website will go live in the coming weeks, and will be optimized for the iPhone, iPod Touch, and many other non-Apple mobile devices. In the meantime, the Apple app is now ready for downloading, and has actually racked in 4-1/2 out of 5 stars.

Go get it here... you know you want it.

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  • cheepstuff
    c-span is dead... then again it never had very much life...
  • sandmanwn
    And you wonder why nothing gets done in Washington. They are too busy building iPhone apps and posting Twitter messages.
  • zachary k
    yea, all the old farts in congress are too busy writing apps for their iphone. come on, i doubt 3/4th of the guys there don't know how to use a iphone, much less write code for it.