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Android Apps


Find the best new apps for your Android phone or tablet. We round up the best Android apps by category and help you find great free downloads.


There are thousands of child-friendly apps available for iOS and Android, but finding software that's appropriate for toddlers can be a challenge. Here are eight apps simple enough for 18-month-olds to use, but...


Keep your brain in proper working order by playing simple games and using these great apps.

Downloads for Android Apps

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  • Tagged Android App - free

    Tagged Android App is a downloadable social networking application for the Android.

    available for : android
  • Android Device Manager - free

    Be able to locate your lost phone if ever with the Android Device Manager.

    available for : android
  • Google Reader app for Android - free

    Google Reader app for Android is a downloadable, Android-based, application that serves users as a mobile and portable rendition of a software that functions as a web-based aggregator.

    available for : android
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news - JULY 22 0

The new Flock app for Android devices adds extra encryption to the existing calendar and contacts sync to help secure your personal data.

reviews - JULY 22 1

Check out these 8 pregnancy apps that provide a wealth of tools and information for the expectant mother.

reviews - JULY 21 0

Looking to get in on Google's innovative Ingress AR game? Here are some tips to get started.

news - JULY 18 1

Here’s a roundup of our favorite apps for the Android Wear smartwatch platform, including food, dating, health and transportation apps.

picture story - JULY 14 1

Augmented Reality has gone from science fiction pipe dream to practical reality. Check out these eight impressive AR apps for Android and iOS devices

picture story - JULY 11 1

Plan out your vacation with these 15 holiday and travel applications!

news - JULY 8 5

An Android flaw that lets attackers interrupt users' phone calls has been patched, but many users won't be able to upgrade.

news - JUNE 27 3

One July 27 and 28, you can download $100 worth of apps from the Amazon Appstore.

news - JUNE 25 7

BankMirage provides an exact copy of a popular Israeli banking app and steals a user's login info, leaving customers none the wiser.

news - JUNE 25 1

Android Auto will bring the Android experience to cars later this year, with contextual awareness and full voice integration.

news - JUNE 25 1

79 percent of Flappy Bird clones in the Google Play store are fronts for malware, according to tests by security company McAfee.

news - JUNE 24 4

Does your Android phone have ransomware? Follow these steps to use Avast's Ransomware Removal app to get rid of it.

reviews - JUNE 18 2

Check out the best apps and games in Amazon's Appstore today.

reviews - JUNE 13 1

There's an app for everything, even for your cats and dogs. Whether you're looking for a tablet game for your cat, apps for logging your dog walks, or first aid apps for your pet, there's going to be something...

reviews - JUNE 9 2

Don't miss a moment of the FIFA World Cup Soccer in Brazil. And with these must-download apps you'll truly catch football fever.

picture story - JUNE 9 3

Take control of your TV or PC with these remote control apps!

picture story - JUNE 3 23

From RPGs to RTSs, shooters to casual and puzzle games and free to play gems, here are some of our favorite Android games of the year.

news - JUNE 2 3

Our favorite calendar app has come to Android with the release of Sunrise. Follow these steps to get started.

picture story - JUNE 2 3

Whether you're looking to remotely manage your character's inventory, coordinate with your clan or guild, or are on the hunt for new mobile challenges, here are 9 of the best game companion apps.

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