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How To: Trick Out Your Desktop with Rainmeter

Types of Skins, Part 2

The next information display meter is the weather. As you can see, it gives a five-day forecast, which is always subject to change, and I've watched it change multiple times during the course of the day, since it updates every 30 minutes. This was one skin that needed tweaking, because the default font was ridiculously small.

My second informational skin is a four-in-one RSS reader. Notice that there are four lights on the upper left, and one is green. The green light is the active feed, and it cycles between feeds from Lifehacker, Gizmodo, Techmeme, and Ars Technica at a regular interval. Clicking on the headline launches the story in your default browser.

My Gmail reader is pretty simple. I see only Inbox letters, not spam, and clicking on the headline launches it. This required entering my Gmail address and password in the .INI file.

If I click on the slideshow window, it opens the directory where all the pictures are stored. I had to manually edit that .INI file to point to the directory with my images, which should be easy enough.

The iTunes skin found iTunes on its own, and aside from displaying the song and play time, it has a pause/play, skip, and repeat option.