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Windows 10 Beta for Xbox One Coming After Summer

By appealing to vanity (and rocking a Battletoads logo for your twitter avatar), even you can get Microsoft to dish on upcoming products. After tweeting to Xbox chief Phil Spencer using the affectionate term "big Phil," Twitter user @dave125norco got Microsoft's gaming head to announce that the Windows 10 beta for Xbox One will be coming out in the “post-summer” time window.

That means the beta will be released after Windows 10 has seen its proper launch. While Microsoft has still not declared a specific release date for Windows 10, it has announced that it will take place sometime during summer 2015. With a finished version of Windows 10 in the wild, Microsoft could potentially iron out any last-minute issues regarding the interactivity between Xbox and Windows 10-based PCs, tablets and phones.

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Windows 10 for Xbox will offer game streaming between your PC and your Xbox One, multiplayer gaming across the two platforms and enhanced social gaming features. However, there's no word on what features might come to the beta version.

Whether or not you have an Xbox, Windows 10 is poised to bring a revamped interface, a revived Start menu and seamless cross-device interactivity when it launches for PCs, smartphones and tablets this summer. Stay tuned for our full review.

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