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Verizon Calls the iPhone a "Misfit Toy"

The first advert shows Apple's iPhone banished to the Island of Misfit toys because of AT&T's bad 3G coverage. The second shows elves packing phones with Verizon coverage for the nice kids and phones with AT&T coverage for the naughty ones. One elf adds, "Good luck surfing the net with that." The third TV spot sees a man fruitlessly trying to get signal while on his way home for the holidays. Upon his arrival he is gifted with a phone on Verizon's network.

All three ads feature the controversial maps that last week landed Verizon in court. AT&T complained that the two maps showing AT&T's 3G coverage next to Verizon's were misleading customers to believe AT&T had no coverage at all outside of its 3G areas. However, it seems Verizon disagrees as the company had no problem featuring the offending map in its new ads.

Check out the three new commercials below.