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One Third of Teens Admit to Driving Intexticated

Texting while driving isn't against the law universally, but most people will agree that tapping away on your cell phone can be seriously distracting. A worrying study shows that a significant amount of young people on our roads admit to texting while driving and 48 percent of teenagers say they have been in the car with a driver who was texting.

The study conducted by the Pew Internet and & American Life Project reports that a third of teenagers aged between 16 and 17 say they have texted while driving. Nearly half of teens aged between 12 and 17 say they have been in a car with a driver who was also texting.

However the most surprising part of this study is that many of the 800 teens surveyed said the person driving while texting was an adult. MSNBC cites one boy in the study who said his dad, "drives like he's drunk. His phone is just like sitting right in front of his face, and he puts his knees on the bottom of the steering wheel and tries to text." A middle school student asked about how frequently he's in the car with a texting driver responded, "All the time. My mom, sister or brother will sit behind the wheel the whole time and just text away."

Reactions to texting while driving also varied a huge amount. One kid is quoted as saying "it's fine" and adds that he even wears sunglasses so the cops won't see him looking down at the screen, while another says he snatches the phone out of the driver's hands if they start messing with their phone.

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