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Philips LED Light Bulb Uses Less Than 7W

While environmentalists are still encouraging people to switch their incandescent lights over to compact fluorescent ones in the interest of saving energy, a new type of light bulb is just months away from the North American market.

Philips said that it will release an LED-based light bulb--dubbed the “Master LED”--in U.S. and Canada within the first half of 2009, but some media outlets have even reported that the product will actually ship in July. The product is already available in 230V countries (North America uses 110V).

The Master LED appears externally in the shape of a screw-in light bulb, and will be compatible with most lighting appliances today. According to Philips, a single Master LED retrofit bulb uses less than 7W of power and can replace traditional incandescent bulbs up to 40W, depending on the application. Of course, this means that incandescent lighting is still the way to go for situations that call for brighter conditions.

As with other LED technology, the new Master LED bulbs are estimated to last for 45,000 hours compared to just 1,500 hours for the conventional solution. Besides being energy conscious, Philips claims that its Master LED solution is lead and mercury free, making it certified green. Plus, it just looks cool.