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Opera Browser Gets Hardware Acceleration

While 11.10 will not see the feature, Opera will implement it into 11.50. A pre-release has been posted on the company's servers.

Opera stressed that this is an experimental build and that it isn't even in alpha status yet. However, the software provides a first look at browser hardware acceleration - which is decidedly different than what Microsoft and Mozilla do, for example. Instead of limited the acceleration capability to Windows Vista SP2 and Windows 7 (IE9) and delivering only half the feature set on XP (Firefox 4), Opera says it will support all popular operating systems, including Windows XP, Max OS X and Linux.

According to a blog post, Opera 11.50 integrates WebGL to support hardware accelerated 3D rendering in JavaScript. There is an OpenGL backend that requires Open GL2.x-compatible hardware to enable WebGL/hardware acceleration. Users who are unsure whether there hardware supports the hardware acceleration feature can simply monitor the support by entering opera:about in the URL bar.