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Smartphone Madness 2015: OnePlus One vs. Galaxy S6 Edge

EDITOR'S NOTE: Congrats to the OnePlus One for sending the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge packing with a hefty 67 percent of the vote. Today's match starts soon, between the Sharp Aquos Crystal and the Microsoft Lumia 640 XL. Which will you vote for?

Stop fretting that your NCAA bracket is totally borked. Who cares that Villanova and Kansas are out when you can make a difference in Round 2 of Smartphone Madness? Today the OnePlus One faces down the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge. The rest of the Aristocratic 8 has been filled out now that Samsung Galaxy Note 4 has beaten the Google Nexus 6 in yesterday's competition. But, voting starts now for today's match, so make your selection.

The OnePlus One made beating the Apple iPhone 6 look easy when it took 76 percent of the vote in the first round. But with a low unlocked price of $300, what's not to love? For that money you get a 5.5-inch, 1080p display and a 13-megapixel camera, all powered by Android 4.4.4 with the CyanogenMod interface. Oh, and did we mention the epic 13 hours and 16 minutes of battery life? Now, if only you could find one to buy.

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Georgia State's last second three-pointer to win its first round game was about as exciting as the buzzer-beater finish during the Galaxy S6 Edge vs. LG G Flex2 poll. Samsung's phablet took the win by just 51.18 percent of the vote. Was it because of the wrap-around screen which hugs the edges of its metal body? Or was it due to its octa-core Exynos processor with 3GB of RAM and optional 128GB of storage?

The poll is open now. Only you can pick the winner. But you'll only have until 9 a.m. ET tomorrow (March 25) to make a difference.

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