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Oculus Just Solved Gear VR's Biggest Problem

Samsung's Gear VR no longer has to be a solitary experience. Oculus said it's added Chromecast support to Gear VR.

With the feature, announced this week, you'll be able to stream your Gear VR "experiences" to your television by using Chromecast. Gear VR is powered by Oculus technology.

To take advantage of the feature, Gear VR owners will need the Oculus mobile app running on Android. From there, they can tap on the Cast button, choose a nearby Chromecast-enabled device, and let friends watch what they're doing in the virtual-reality headset on the device of their choosing.

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Like other VR headsets, Samsung's Gear VR has taken critical hits for being a solitary experience. When you strap on the Gear VR, you're able to experience all the virtual reality you want, but those around you don't know what's going on. By adding streaming support for the Gear VR, Oculus is addressing that problem. But since it's limited to those who have an Android device and Chromecast, there are still many who might not be able to take advantage.

Google's planning a similar feature for its Daydream VR platform. At last month's Google I/O conference, the company unveiled several planned changes that should make it easier to share VR experiences, including support for Google Cast.

Delivering more interactivity through virtual reality is clearly going to be an increased focus among VR headset companies, which makes this Gear VR addition all the more notable. The new sharing feature built into Gear VR is available now. Oculus didn't say if it's working on other streaming technologies that could expand its reach beyond Android and Chromecast.