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Mazda's MX5 Stripped Bare for Auto Show

The LA Auto Show Design Challenge this year had three main rules that participants had to observe: entries should be eco-friendly, fast and stylish, and have a maximum weight of 1,000 pounds. Unlike other contenders, Mazda didn't bother with making plant-based cars or unusual alternative energy sources. Instead, they focused on one thing: dropping some dead weight.

The MX-0 is, at its core, an MX-5 Miata. Mazda then took their already super-light roadster and carried out a "systematic process of reduction and consolidation." The resulting vehicle weighs just a pound shy of the limit, thanks to multiple components being replaced with fewer, simpler ones, and a more skeletal, almost anorexic look.

Mazda also claims that the MX-0 will be constructed from innovative lightweight materials, and will have zero carbon emission. Strangely enough, they don't provide any additional information aside from that marketing blurb. True, with a 2020 release date, they'll have plenty of time to figure things out, but come on, Mazda. At least Mercedes-Benz had the creativity to think up a kooky sci-fi name for their speculative bio-fuel.

[source: LA Auto Show 2010 Designer's Challenge]