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Canon Develops 120 Megapixel CMOS Sensor

Everyone should know that a camera capable of resolving a greater number of megapixels is not necessarily superior, but nevertheless, Canon has developed one amazing sensor that we all want.

Canon said that it has successfully developed an APS-H-size (29.2 x 20.2 mm) CMOS image sensor that delivers an image resolution of approximately 120 megapixels (13,280 x 9,184 pixels), the world's highest level of resolution for its size.

Compared with Canon's highest-resolution commercial CMOS sensor of the same size, comprising approximately 16.1 megapixels, the newly developed sensor features a pixel count that, at approximately 120 million pixels, is nearly 7.5 times larger and offers a 2.4-fold improvement in resolution.

The new CMOS sensor sports a maximum output speed of approximately 9.5 frames per second and also incorporates a full HD (1,920 x 1,080 pixels) video output capability.

Canon says that images captured with its 120-megapixel CMOS image sensor, even when cropped or digitally magnified, maintain higher levels of definition and clarity than ever before.

Unfortunately, Canon didn't mention any plans to bring this technology to market, if ever. It could just be another step in the company's research in making better image sensors.