LulzSec Releases Over 62,000 Hacked Passwords

Rogue hacker group LulzSec is at it again, recently boasting on its Twitter that it had hacked the accounts of over 62,000 and provided a dump of emails and passwords free for download.

CRO of F-secure, Mikko H. Hypponen, believes that the emails and passwords were from a database kept by website, according to the Hacker News. His reasoning: "Why Well, the most common passwords include these: mystery, bookworm, reader, romance, library, booklover and..writerspace.So basically that's why I believe the latest Lulzsec password leak originates from I'm guessing it's their user database."

Gizmodo took the database and has made a script for users to input their email address to check it against the release from LulzSec. Unless you were a member of Writerspace, you're probably not affected, but this is a good way to confirm.