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New iPad Pro Beats XPS 13, MacBook Pro in Leaked Benchmarks

The A12X Bionic chip, Apple's latest proprietary processor, isn't just really fast, it's a laptop-beater.

Newly leaked performance benchmark numbers from the iPad Pro top the scores from Core i7-powered laptops from both Apple and Dell.

Credit: Tom's Guide

(Image credit: Tom's Guide)

Results automatically uploaded to show the iPad8,8, which is reportedly an iPad Pro with 1TB of storage, which supposedly has 6GB of RAM, give the tablet a 17,995 on Geekbench 4.3. That beats the 17,348 from the 8th Gen Intel Core i7-based 13-inch MacBook Pro and the 14,180 from the Core i7-8550U-based Dell XPS 13.

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Apple's Core i9-based 15-inch MacBook Pro, though, tops the iPad Pro with a 23,138. These ratings give credibility to Apple's Oct. 30 claim that the new iPad Pro's A12X chip makes it faster than 92 percent of portable PCs.

Credit: Apple

(Image credit: Apple)

Other lower scores came from the A12-based iPhone XS Max (11,515) and iPhone XS (11,420), and the A10X Fusion-based 2017 12.9-inch iPad Pro (9,414)

While Apple itself doesn't announce how much RAM comes in any of its iPads or iPhones, a MacRumors report claims that you'll only get 6GB of RAM in the 2018 iPad Pros with 1TB of storage. The lower-capacity (64GB, 256GB, 512GB) models supposedly ship with 4GB of RAM.

This article was first published on Laptop Mag.