iPad App Downloads Beats All Android Tablets Combined

Consumers who own an iPad download five times as many apps as all of the applications downloaded on Android tablets combined.

ABI Research's Mobile Application Markets Research Service confirmed the aforementioned figure through viewing the number of app downloads and the money made from them.

The service said five times as many apps were downloaded for the iPad than by all Android tablets combined during the first half of 2012. Of course, that was before Google's top-selling Nexus 7 tablet arrived.

Apple has claimed that there are currently 250,000 apps developed specifically for the iPad, with Google urging developers to consider its own tablets rather than creating fully-fledged apps for Android-powered smartphones. The search engine giant recently matched Apple's iOS store by boasting over 700,000 apps for its Play Store.

Google's Nexus 7 tablet is proving to be a worthy iPad competitor with sales nearing one million last month. Apple, meanwhile, launched its iPad Mini and iPad 4 devices last week, with the tablets managing to sell three million units in three days.


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    SERIOUSLY??? How is this even news?
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  • dark_wizzie
    SERIOUSLY??? How is this even news?