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Report: iOS 5 Not Coming Until the Fall

While WWDC is expected to bring us iPhone number five, it would appear Apple users will be waiting until the fall for iOS 5, a departure from Apple’s normal release schedule. Usually whole point upgrades for iOS are announced and previewed in the springtime, and launched around the same time the year’s new iPhone goes on sale (summer). However, it seems things will be different for 2011.

According to a TechCrunch source, iOS 5 will launch in the fall and represent a massive revamp of the operating system. TC’s sources say that it will be “heavily built around the cloud” and that Apple may launch a few new services to capitalise on that. Much of this cloud-based stuff is expected to be talked about at WWDC in June, and Apple may well preview iOS 5 at WWDC, but the company will save talk of its ‘music locker’ service and the launch of iOS 5 for later in the year.

Complimenting these rumors quite nicely are those old reports about an iPad 3 to be launched in the fall. Previous concerns that Apple would be cannibalizing iPad 2 if it were to launch another iPad six months later might be somewhat neutralised by a completely new and “revamped” OS that transforms the new device into something completely different to the old one.

So while this might mean good things for the iPad line, the iPhone is another story. Is new hardware as appealing if there’s no new software to go with it?