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Google and Skrillex Launch Satellite for Phone Cases

Google partnered with popular DJ Skrillex to create a new line of limited edition cases for Android phones that come with a live wallpaper app, and launched a special weather satellite to do so. Yup, you read that right. The satellite -- named after the artists dog, Nanou -- has only one purpose; to capture images of earth to send to the wallpaper app for these cases.

The $40 Skrillex Live Case comes in three styles, and reflects the Grammy-winning artist's obsession with space. The live wallpaper updates during the day with new shots of Earth from the stratosphere. At night, the phone's screen reflects constellations visible from your geographical location. When the weather balloon packing the satellite returns to Earth, a fan of the electronic dance musician will win the autographed device through an @Android Twitter giveaway.

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The cases are available now through the Google Store. The limited-editions are all numbered and available for the Nexus 5, Nexus 6, Samsung Galaxy S5, Samsung Galaxy S6 and Samsung Galaxy Note 4. Google says the sale will continue through the end of June, but when supplies are gone, that's all folks.

The cases feature a shortcut button that will launch favorite apps, such as the camera. Or you can set the button to launch the Skrillex site so you can get your rave on. Fans of Skrillex will also get access to "exclusive content" delivered directly to the phone. For instance, case owners will get early access to an album of OWSLA artists, which is a vanity label owned by Skrillex.

Google has made no estimates on how long the balloon will stay afloat, but this endeavor does sound similar to Google's Project Loon. By floating solar-powered balloons 20 kilometers above the ground, Project Loon hopes to create a communications network in places underserved by cell phone signals. Project Loon balloons, made of polyethylene plastic with a parachute attached for accidental early decent, are designed to last around 100 days.

Google is staying mum on what other artists it plans to collaborate with on future special editions, and on whether those will also include satellite weather balloons.

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