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10 Great Tech Pranks for April 1st

Screen Time

Here are two pranks that take advantage of a computer’s ability to change its display. Rotate will make the whole desktop flip, reverse, or flip and reverse in a reandom sequence – just like you’ve been spinning in a chair. Or drinking tequila. Or drinking tequila in a spinning chair. The mouse pointer also changes to a question mark to add to the general confusion.

Shakedown will put a virtual earthquake in someone’s monitor. The program shakes the desktop violently – adding a good bit of stress, I’d imagine, after what’s been happening everyone on the Pacific Rim in recent days. Just start this baby up while your colleague is away from the desk, and watch the horrified stares as the computer gets going on a 9.0 internal quake. To stop the mess, just click the mouse – and then present your loudest APRIL FOOLS!