10 Great Tech Pranks for April 1st

Screen Time

Here are two pranks that take advantage of a computer’s ability to change its display. Rotate will make the whole desktop flip, reverse, or flip and reverse in a reandom sequence – just like you’ve been spinning in a chair. Or drinking tequila. Or drinking tequila in a spinning chair. The mouse pointer also changes to a question mark to add to the general confusion.

Shakedown will put a virtual earthquake in someone’s monitor. The program shakes the desktop violently – adding a good bit of stress, I’d imagine, after what’s been happening everyone on the Pacific Rim in recent days. Just start this baby up while your colleague is away from the desk, and watch the horrified stares as the computer gets going on a 9.0 internal quake. To stop the mess, just click the mouse – and then present your loudest APRIL FOOLS!

  • icepick314
    on first prank, the keyboard switch, try changing the keyboard from standard to Dvorak format...

    it's usually under Regional and Language settings in Windows Vista and 7...

    it's quick and easy and somewhat benign prank as it's very easy to figure out and fix...
  • 1. Control Panel > Accessibility Options > Check "Use Filter Keys"
    2. Settings > Check "Beep when keys pressed or accepted"
    3. Enjoy.
  • slothy89
    sryjetyjdtyjkdtjhsr1. Control Panel > Accessibility Options > Check "Use Filter Keys"2. Settings > Check "Beep when keys pressed or accepted"3. Enjoy.haha you have to hold each key for a good second before it registers, nice!
  • daniel123244
    Just a quick note, i tryed out the keyboard extender. I changed a ton of keys and when i tried to reopen the program it would not start. I tried uninstalling the program and this left half the keys on my keyboard useless. If this happens to you just restart the computer after uninstalling.
  • saxplayingcompnerd
  • mayankleoboy1
    optical mouse trick is fun!!
  • guardianangel42
    I have Xpadder for my computer so that I can program controls for my Xbox 360 controller to add support for games that don't have it.

    Now before you start back with K/M is superior I just want to explain how the software works... And how you can use the software to prank people.

    Xpadder doesn't add support to the game, it emulates the K/M. This means that I can set my wireless 360 controller, which has a range of 30 feet, to function as the mouse. I can also program any function I want, from CTRL+ALT+Delete to ALT+TAB and anything else out there, so that I can really screw with people's heads.

    I did this a while back actually. I was helping a buddy of mine do a school project by making a video. Xpadder was already running and I just turned on my controller. I subtly moved the right thumbstick, default mouse emulation, and racked in the laughs as my friend shook the mouse, then lifted the mouse, then shook it again in frustration.

    Good times.
  • Mark Heath
    I got a 404 when trying to use the link in #4 and I'm pretty sure that wasn't supposed to be an April Fool's joke ;) It looks like you left out the "L" at the end of the link: http://www.nirsoft.net/utils/nircmd.html
  • One easy one is to close all windows, then press PrtSc (or Shift+PrtScr depending on your PC).. That'll take a screenshot of the desktop. Now, Click Start->Run and type MSPaint, then Ctrl+V the screenshot into Paint. Ctrl+S to save it, save it as C:\desktop.bmp or something.

    Now close paint, rearrange all the icons on the desktop so they were'nt where they used to be, auto-hide the task bar by right-clicking and selecting Properties->AutoHide...

    Now right-click on the background and click personalise (Doze7) or Properties then Background (XP?).. and change the background image to the screenshot.

    Et voila. When the user returns, they'll be clicking on 'icons' on their desktop.. but it's just an image :-) You have to do it to fully appreciate the hilarity.
  • JohnnyLucky
    not quite funny enough