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Apple Pay Changes the Way You Use ATMs

I have a routine when I use an ATM: I do a light pull on the card reader to make sure it's not a skimmer, then cover the pad while I put in my PIN. The whole process would be a lot easier if my local ATM had Apple Pay functionality. Luckily for me (and other iPhone owners), Bank of America is beginning to support withdrawals through Apple NFC payment platform.

Roughly 650 of the specialized ATMs were set up in the San Francisco Bay Area at month, according to MacRumors. This grew to 2,400 in June and expanded to North Carolina. We got our best view of the new Apple Pay ATMs over the weekend from Reddit user WhatWhatTech.

Credit: WhatWhatTech / Reddit, Imgur

(Image credit: WhatWhatTech / Reddit, Imgur)

In images that they posted on Reddit, you can clearly see the NFC logo next to the card reader, just above the keypad. NFC means that the ATM should be capable of using Android Pay, too. According to Bank of America's new website for these ATMs, users will pick their Bank of America debit card from the wallet app, hold it over the NFC symbol and enter the PIN. This is more secure than traditional debit cards, as it avoids the possibility of card skimmers.

There are limits with the technology, though. Bank of America states that depositing funds isn't available yet, so you'll still need to carry your debit card around.

If you're not on Bank of America, fear not, ATMs with Apple Pay support have also been announced by Chase and Wells Fargo. They should start rolling out later this year.