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Apple Is About to Kill iTunes — And Here's the Proof

It looks like Apple’s all-in-one media app is about to go away. A new report gives us surefire evidence that the company is about to kill iTunes as we know it for good.

Credit: Shutterstock

(Image credit: Shutterstock)

As reported by Apple Insider, someone on the Apple subreddit found that Apple has removed social media posts from the official iTunes accounts on Facebook and Instagram.

If you go to the iTunes page on Instagram right now, for example, you’ll see that there are “No Posts Yet.”

The iTunes Twitter account still has posts live, but the last one from iTunes itself was May 21st. More recent posts are retweets from the Apple TV account.

Credit: Instagram

(Image credit: Instagram)

And that’s another big hint as to what’s going on here. Apple is about to break iTunes up into multiple apps and services and will make the move official at WWDC 2019 on June 3.

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As previously reported by Bloomberg and others, Apple plans to unveil three new apps for Mac that will ostensibly take the place of iTunes: Music, TV and Podcasts. The publication says you’ll manage your gadgets through the Music app.

This move makes a lot of sense for users for multiple reasons. For one, Apple’s services have outgrown the iTunes name, as there’s a lot more to it than music. Having dedicated Music, TV and Podcasts will help Apple better promote those services on the Mac and be in sync with its similar strategy on the iPhone and iPad.

Not coincidentally, the upcoming macOS 10.15 is supposed to make it a lot easier for makers of iOS apps for the iPad to port their wares to the Mac. Apple started this strategy about a year ago when it introduced dedicated Home, Voice Memos, Stocks and News apps for the Mac.

We’ll learn more about the official fate of iTunes when WWDC 2019 kicks off.

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