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iPhone 3G Will Ship In Eco-Friendly Dutch-Potato Packaging

The Dutch company PaperFoam produces packaging that uses potato starch as a key ingredient and according CEO Hans Arentsen, quoted in the Dutch blog Bright, Apple has put in an order for millions of units of packaging for the new iPhone. This, Arentsen says, represents a 90 percent reduction in the carbon footprint compared to the existing iPhone packaging, and will see the iPhone delivered in a cardboard box, with the handset itself resting in a starch tray.

PaperFoam has previously produced packaging for the first generation iPod Nano and Video, as well as Motorola phones. “Our packaging is similar to plastic, but is made of lightweight paper products. More and more companies are developing an aversion to plastic, which is susceptible to price rises by high oil prices, and they are also searching for CO2-friendly solutions.”

The eco-friendly credentials of tech companies is becoming a more highlighted and campaigned upon issue in green-circles, with a report recently putting Nintendo at the bottom of the pile for eco-friendly technology companies. The only companies coming halfway on the Greenpeace scale of Greenness are Sony and Sony Ericsson. Apple comes in alongside companies like Dell, HP, Lenovo and Motorola.