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Blogger 's iPhone Touch Screen Dies

Indianapolis (IN) - A blogger from named Jason O’Grady woke up to some bad news last Friday. His iPhone’s touch screen stopped working. He tried to turn the power off, but that requires the touch screen. He tried to answer a call, but couldn’t, as that also requires the touch screen. In short, his device was bricked by the failed touch screen. He had to go and get a new one from Apple.

Has anyone had any bad experiences with their iPhone?

Our own senior editor, Wolfgang Gruener, bought one (read’s coverage) and really liked it initially. He got the first phone bill and was very unimpressed, so much so he opted out and canceled the service. He later tried to modify it to work with other service providers via one of the Internet mods out there, only to brick the device right in front of him [Note: we’re still convinced the mod’s failure wasn’t more a problem with Wolfgang than the mod or iPhone -Ed]. And today, he uses the iPhone at the end of a stick to swat flies.

I think one of the most dangerous features of any touch screen technology is the potential of the screen failing. Brown spots (portions of the screen that don’t work) have been widely reported, as have some sporadic outright failures like this. Whereas I personally don’t have an iPhone, and can’t in this life or any other see myself getting one, I can see value in touch screens that work with fingers rather than a stylus. I see great potential in future MID devices with larger screens and finger-sized navigation. Also, 3G or greater would be nice.

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