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Analyst Thinks that Demand for the iPad is Fading

At least Bill Shope, analyst at Goldman Sachs, believes that the iPad will be experiencing some "near-term demand challenges."

Shope noted that the iPad was introduced and ramped much faster than the iPhone and iPod - with little backing from a exclusive ecosystem and no price cuts so far. Those problems, however, can be solved with the marketing and adoption of iCloud, Siri for the iPad as well as lower price points for 2012.

The analyst suggested the launch of an iPad 2 with 8 GB memory to hit a sub-$400 price point, which would pull attention from Android tablets, which appear to be settling at about $400 on the high-end and $200 in the entry-level market. That said, Shope did not lower his shipment estimates for the iPad, according to an article published by Business Insider.