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Elecom Projection Keyboard Connects Wirelessly to Devices

Lasers projections and digital interfaces controlled without a standard touch interface have become a staple of the science fiction genre over the years. While it certainly wasn't the first to make our mouths water, Minority Report provided us with some exceptionally awesome nerd candy in the form of high-tech computer interfaces.

Several years ago, such technology would be nothing but the dreams of an imaginative mind.But now, we have come closer and closer to replicating such digital interfaces and the TK-PBL042BK Projection Keyboard by Elecom is just one of many reasons why. Compatible with iOS and Android operating systems and connecting via Bluetooth, it is primarily designed as a projection keyboard for cellular devices, but can also be used via USB for other non-Bluetooth enabled devices such as a notebook or computer.

The projection keyboard itself is a small black box that projects the image of a keyboard onto a surface, which can then be manipulated like a real keyboard (except without actually pressing keys, but the light projected images of the keys). The box itself provides feedback to the device when fingers or other appendices break the projection on the surface. To further distinguish the TK-PBL042BK, it also has a mouse mode which operates in a similar fashion as a laptop's touchpad.