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Google Prepping NFC Checkout Trials for NYC, SF

Near Field Communication, a technology that allows for the wireless transfer of data over short distances, is fast gaining traction in the smartphone world as a way to process mobile payments and it looks like Google is eager to jump on board. The search giant and maker of the Android OS is said to be gearing up to launch NFC trials in New York City and San Francisco.

According to Bloomberg sources, Google will be ponying up for the installation of thousands of special cash-register systems for merchants in the two cities. Designed to accept payments from phones with NFC support, the trial is said to be kicking off in the next four months time.

With Android 2.3 supporting NFC, more Android phones with integrated-NFC are expected as the year wears on. Samsung’s Nexus S already supports NFC, while the company’s upcoming Galaxy S II will also have integrated-NFC. The Nokia C7 already supports NFC and a firmware update expected later in the year will switch on the functionality.

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