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Logitech App turns iPhone into Wireless Mouse

Now this is just spiffy: you can actually use your iPhone and iPod Touch as a wireless mouse and keyboard thanks to an app (and additional server software) provided by Logitech. Does it work? Indeed it does, however typing this article on the device's restrictive touchscreen is proving to be quite time-consuming... this might be a good time to switch back to a normal QWERTY keyboard.

The company officially announced the application here in this blog, saying that this setup works on both the PC and Mac. The application--which is located here on the iTunes App Store-- is (surprisingly) free, however consumers will need to download and install a separate server program that remains active in the background. This setup works over any Wi-Fi, however once the iPhone or iPod Touch goes on standby, users must manually reconnect the device (or turn on Prohibit Sleeping in the app settings) to regain control of the pointer.

According to Logitech, the app serves as a multi-touch trackpad with the option of using two or three mouse buttons. The app also supports both landscape and portrait modes, two-finger scrolling, and on-screen text display while typing. The virtual keyboard works better in horizontal mode, and also sports Control, Alt, and Command/Windows keys. Users can also change various aspects of the app such as tracking speed, the ability to drag objects, and more.

As for the server software, the program is a mere 2.2 MB in size to download, and is available for Mac OS X, Windows XP, Windows Vista, and Windows 7. It also seems to only consume 2,128 K of memory, making it an extremely light load on the system (unlike Firefox which is currently consuming 232,528 K of memory at the moment... meh).