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Numi: The Smartest Toilet Around

With cell phones, computers and tablets becoming increasingly smarter and technologically advanced, it comes as no surprise that furniture and household items have begun to become increasingly technical. Of course we don't usually expect these technological innovations to enter our bathrooms but Kohler has decided otherwise.

Unveiling the Numi, a brand new high tech toilet system, Kohler has brought the bathroom up to speed with technology such as remote control flushing, a capacitive touch display, and automated cleaning. In addition to the system's touch screen remote control, the Numi features an automatically opening lid as well as music playing capabilities. All of these features as well as the seat's height can be configured to the users liking.

Of course the downside to having all of these incredible and customizable features is the inevitably large price tag. If you're looking to have the ultimate high-tech bathroom experience, you'll have to shell out a hefty $6,400.