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Intel CEO: Google TV Coming This Month

Thursday Intel CEO Paul Otellini told The Wall Street Journal that Google TV devices will actually start shipping this month. Unlike Logitech and Sony, the Intel boss was willing to pinpoint a release schedule that Google otherwise stated as "fall 2010." What he didn't specify was the actual manufacturer and model, or whether the devices will actually go on sale this month.

"My son is probably going to go buy a Google TV, simply because it's cool," the CEO stated. "He wants to be able to do his Facebook chat and talk to his friends saying, 'Hey, are you watching the game?' in real time. You cannot do that on Apple TV."

He pointed out Apple's "simplistic" approach with the revamped Apple TV, saying that the new device is "a step backward" and something his mother would use. Google TV, on the other hand, incorporates "the full Internet, integrated seamlessly with live content."

Google TV's will ship with a version of the Android platform that allows third-party apps and viewing Flash-based content in a full Chrome browser. Apple TV, a $99 set-top box, is now available for purchase and ships in 3 to 4 weeks. Otellini suggested that both platforms should be able to coexist on the market, as they appeal to different consumer segments.

Google TV will come pre-installed in certain HDTVs, and will also be available as a set-top box.