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Cybersquatters Camp on Domain Names of Merged Financial Institutions

In these times of financial fears and Wall Street woes it’s not surprising to see people trying to cash in on the recent economic crashes. Opening the paper and reading recession, recession, recession is an added incentive to make a fast buck or two — and it seems cybersquatters are no exception to that rule.

The possible domain names of merging financial institutions have been snapped up by those who think they may be able to sell them off for a profit at a later stage. is already up for sale via online auctioning site, eBay with the listing reading as follows:

“With a deal between Bank of America and Merrill Lynch NOW ANNOUNCED, this domain name will soon be incredibly popular. This is the only domain name that conveys the full picture, using the name of both firms. Terms such as Bankof______ make little sense. This is the most comprehensive and commonsensical domain name available concerning the MERGER OF BANK OF AMERICA CORP AND MERRILL LYNCH & CO.”

Also rumored to be for sale are along with,,, and

(Via BBC UK)