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Apple Responds to Recent App Banning

Yesterday we did a double-take (or Jane did, I merely hit the floor) when Apple decided to throw out all the boobie-related apps from its Apps Store. That means no more bikinis, no more pasties, and no other flesh-exposing app that could in any way entertain the mojo. Some of us were rather insulted by the sudden sweep of censorship, however according to Apple, its move stemmed from heaping complaints from App Store users.

Philip W. Schiller, head of worldwide product marketing at Apple, told the New York Times that he had noticed a large number of flesh-bearing apps submitted by developers over the last few weeks, some of which contained what he called very objectionable content.

"It came to the point where we were getting customer complaints from women who found the content getting too degrading and objectionable, as well as parents who were upset with what their kids were able to see," Schiller said.

But here's the question of the day: why did so many boobie-related apps get the boot, yet Sports Illustrated is still allowed to keep its bikini-clad girls on the app Store? "The difference is this is a well-known company with previously published material available broadly in a well-accepted format," he said.

Many app developers are shocked by the move. Fred Clarke, president of On the Go Girls, said that Apple originally didn't have a problem with his apps which initially hit the store in June 2009. But as of Monday, all fifty apps were removed without warning.

Clarke said that his company was earning "thousands of dollars" a day from the App Store. Now all of that income is gone.

“I’m shocked,” Clarke said. "We’re showing stuff that’s racier than the Disney Channel, but not by much."

  • flaminggerbil
    "Sports illustrated brings us more money then the others, so we'll let them stay."
    Fixed it for you apple.
  • gereth
    Don't forget about the PlayBoy app still being available also. Talk about favoritism.. Way to bring down the small businesses and give back all the healthy competition to what was already the top dog.
  • kyeana
    Oh the hypocrisy!

    (I should probably go into hiding now before Jobs foxconn guys find me)
  • Hellboy
    Well women can blow an iphone too...

    All you need is a Zipper... Lighter and could provide hours of entertainment.
  • I bet the women wouldnt be complaining if it was men porn...
  • babybeluga
    Did I just read "boobie banning"?

    Quality article ahead!
  • tikrjee
    most excellent choice of words on the headline, Kevin. "Boobie Banning"... classic!

    What baffles me is that Playboy didn't get the boot. I can understand the SI app. I guess Playboy falls under that "well-known company" category that escaped the chopping block then?
    I motion for censorship and/or removal of all "Twilight" apps, or anything related to the series. It's a gross misrepresentation of hominus nocturnus, and it's certain Bram Stoker is spinning in his grave. Vampires do not sparkle, at least not until they're hit with sunlight. Then, and only then, do they sparkle (in fire).
    Take away titties, you better take away something from the women. Equal opportunity goes BOTH ways.
  • maximus20895
    As usual people bitching about something when they can just not look at it. You see girls "degrading" themselves? Um what the hell do you think the app was's not a DIY on how to plant flowers. If you don't like that stuff I don't understand why you would go through the trouble to even download the program. People are so uptight it's pathetic. Get a life and stop bitching about everything.
  • the_krasno
    Jailbreak your phones already!
  • tikrjee
    maximus20895As usual people bitching about something when they can just not look at it. You see girls "degrading" themselves?Oddly enough, almost every woman out there will, at one point in time, pull the "degrading" comment out to hit men in the nuts, but they know damn well that the female body is nothing more than power over testosterone. Men have done some pretty stupid stuff from women (Vincent Van Gogh, anyone?) over the ages. They know they got it, and they will flaunt it to get their way. You don't exactly see men bragging about being able to put Ron Jeremy to shame, just to get some new furniture, now do you?