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Best Buy, Other Retailers Will Sell iPad

Apple announced on Tuesday that the upcoming iPad device will follow a similar marketing model used with the iPhone. For anxious consumers, this means they won't need to hunt down an Apple store or purchase the device strictly online, but can snap up the device at local retail outlets that also offer Apple's mobile phone.

According to AppleInsider, the announcement came from Tim Cook, Apple's chief operating officer, while speaking at the Goldman Sachs annual tech conference in San Francisco Tuesday. "Initially it will be around places with really great assisted sales," Cook said regarding local and overseas sales locations. "Over time it will expand."

Best Buy was one of the partners mentioned.

Naturally, Cook made an effort to sell the device, claiming that he's "owned" an iPad for six months. With that said, Cook believes many consumers will have a hard time purchasing a netbook after taking a run with Apple's new touch-screen tablet. "The experience is just absolutely incredible," he said. "And so we're obviously very excited about this thing and can't wait to start shipping it."

Can the iPad even compete with a netbook? It will be interesting to see a comparison when the iPad-- both the Wi-Fi and 3G versions-- hits the market within the next few months.

  • cabose369
    A netbook, although slow, is far more versatile then the Ipad. On a netbook you can:

    - Multitask
    - Use Office
    - Watch anything in Flash Format
    - Not be forced to use Itunes
    - Spend about $200-300 less than the most basic Ipad

    And the list goes on and on....

    Now don't get me wrong, I hate netbooks, but I would certainly take a Netbook over an Ipad.
  • Does it matter? They will still price fix it like all of their other products.
  • redplanet_returns
    i know the joke is getting old...but it's hard to keep a straight face when a GUY is saying "The experience is just absolutely incredible" about iPad
  • maiko
    I think the Apple Ipad has been designed for people who need more than what a smart phone can offer without the bulk or weight of a laptop. It can be customized to improve productivity and entertainment. Its worth a trial.

    Maiko J
  • I think people have blinkered vision when it comes to what the ipad cannot do. The ipad does so many things, really well, with a really nice interactive interface, that it's going to be far nicer to use than a netbook.
    However, I love my iTouch, I just wished it had a bigger screen so that browsing and everything else were easier.....voila!
    The ipad, whether it does everything people want or not, does plenty of things really well and I for one will get one and enjoy it.
  • You can buy a full featured AMD Athlon II dual-core notebook for $400 to $500 (or a single core for $300 to $350), with a screen ranging from 12' to 16'. I don't see why anybody would buy a netbook or an iPad.

    Netbooks are for people who want to trade the comfort and power of using a real laptop for not having to carry something quite so large and heavy(ie: 4lbs is waaayyy to heavy... However, Pentium III era performance is good enough for the job).
  • maigo
    They're going to sell products in a store? omgwtfbbq
  • CoderDunn
    maigoThey're going to sell products in a store? omgwtfbbq
    For a long time, apple products were not sold in stores because their pricing model was not friendly for retailers
  • efeat
    I like how Cook talks it up like this is the only tablet computer to have ever existed. I am not so sure how well a tablet PC is going to work for a consumer, though.

    Where I work, we use tablet PCs in a warehouse environment for the forklift drivers. All they have to do is scan bar codes and push some buttons on our ERP software, and the tablet is great for this kind of work. However, as soon as they come into the office for maintenace/repair/whatever, we just VNC to it using our desktop PCs because a tablet is so clunky to use for anything beyond pushing big buttons on the screen.
  • SneakySnake
    best buy sells macs right now, so how is this going to be any different. Surely the non-3G models could be sold pretty much anywhere