Apple Approves One Millionth iOS App

Apple has reached a pivotal milestone with the company approving one million applications for its App Store.

An Appsfire spokesperson told CNET that the tally it conducted includes all of the apps "that have been submitted and approved by Apple and that went live in the App Store" since its launch back in 2008. The tally itself doesn't include apps that have been submitted and rejected.

Apple had announced last month that its App Store has over 700,000 applications available. The difference from the aforementioned figure includes apps that have been removed by developers or Apple. Google later matched the same amount of apps through its Play Store.

In response to Apple's secrecy regarding App Store data, Appsfire, who offers an app that helps users find programs worth downloading, stressed that it came to the one million figure by keeping up with the amount of app submissions that was aided via an iTunes feed.

Currently, Appsfire said it believes that the App Store sports over 736,000 applications, with 336,000 from that figure being paid apps. As for iPad apps, over 250,000 have been designed specifically for the tablet.

The App Store itself is available to Apple’s 400 million iTunes users, which has led to over 35 billion downloads thus far.


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  • kinggraves
    I can't wait till tomorrow when Zak writes how Apple has approved it's one millionth fart simulator.

    Quality, not quantity.
  • darkchazz
    This is news?
  • Diabolix
    Zak strikes again!
  • Other Comments
  • darkchazz
    This is news?
  • randomizer
    They reached this 2 weeks ago. I am much better at counting than Appsfire.
  • Diabolix
    Zak strikes again!