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'Cupcake' Improvements in Android

As an open platform, Android enjoys a development community that’s constantly working and innovating. Some of the development, however, still occurs in a “private branch” for the sake of moving the mobile OS in a solid direction.

Those developments, from the “cupcake” branch, are now making their way out into public repositories. Coming soon to new versions of Android thanks to cupcake are numerous.

Some of the more significant additions include:

  • New kernel based on Linux 2.6.27.
  • Save attachments from MMS.
  • Updated WebKit browser core, synced with Nov 2008 WebKit version.
  • Copy / paste is enabled in the browser.
  • Find text is enabled in the browser.
  • Downloads that were cleanly interrupted are now resumed instead of failing.
  • Support for A2DP&AVRCP Bluetooth profiles.

For a full list of all the added shininess in the upcoming Android builds, check out the cupcake roadmap.