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Get These Super Smart Wireless Headphones For a Great Price

On the hunt for a quality pair of headphones this holiday season? Amazon's got a Cyber Monday deal on Nuraphone's latest Wireless Active Noise Cancelling cans that sounds like music to our ears. They typically go for $399, but right now you can snag them for $279 at the retailer.

That's a savings of $120 on a cutting-edge set of Bluetooth headphones our own Marc Chacksfield has dubbed his new "go-to pair," even in light of other strong contenders like Bose's QuietComfort 35 II.

What won us over was the Nuraphone's clever audio tuning — the headphones beam specific frequencies of sound into your ears, and automatically adjust their profile based on how your ears respond.

It's next-level stuff, and we'd be quick to dismiss it if it didn't sound amazing. But Nuraphone's backed up the claims; these cans are a totally different beast once you throw the audio tuning into the mix. The result will allow you to hear subtleties you may never have noticed in your favorite tunes.

If we had one complaint, it would have to be the Nuraphone's peculiar design. In addition to being a tad cumbersome, these headphones combine in-ear and over-the-ear components in each cup, utilizing a nub at the opening of your ear canal while the rest of the assembly surrounds everything. It definitely takes some getting used to, and even after extended exposure we'd probably just prefer a more conventional cushioned over-the-ear design for those long journeys. Then again, there's no use arguing with the results — especially when the results are this good.

The Nuraphone is currently going for $120 off at Amazon. This offer is set to wrap up by the end of Cyber Monday, but it's far from the only headphone deal out there. Check out the rest of the Cyber Monday Headphones deals.