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No Headphone Port? No Problem for This Audio Add-on

As rumors about Apple ditching the audio port in this fall's expected iPhone release pick up steam, the fear of losing that killer pair of headphones feels all too real for iPhone users. Whether or not the headphone jack really is a goner on the iPhone, audio conversion devices like the Mokin Soundlink digital audio converter can transform and improve the sound from your phone while potentially acting as a detachable adapter for the headphone jack.

The Mokin is a small conversion device with a built-in amplifier that's currently in the early stages of a crowdfunding campaign at Indiegogo. Mokin creator C-Smartlink Technology is offering the sound accessory at a discounted price of $25 during the campaign, with an eye toward shipping the device in August.

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When it ships, the Mokin promises to pack a major audio punch, putting out 24-bit/192kHz sound compared to the normal iPhone output of 16-bit/48kHz. C-Smartlink says the device supports multiple audio formats and doesn't require additional battery power. 

Aside from acting as a mini amp, the square white device attaches externally to the back of the iPhone, connecting via the Lightning port and featuring its own headphone jack. Mokin also features a small fold-out kickstand ideal for watching videos on your iPhone.

The crowdfunding campaign for Mokin couldn't have been better timed, with all signs pointing to Apple removing the 3.5mm headphone jack from its next iPhone models. Such a move could force people who upgrade to the new phone to replace it with headphones that connect through the Lightning port. The folks behind Mokin clearly hope that this Lightning port-friendly accessory — and its headphone jack — will appeal to iPhone users not ready to say goodbye to their favorite headphones.

  • Royharper
    I'm sorry but no 35mm jack means no purchase for me. I don't want the lightning port headphones, nor do I want an extra thing I have to attach to my cell or cell case. I hope nobody buys the 7. I often use my headphones while I'm charging my cell, how can I do that???? Oh wait I can't. Apple is crazy and needs to stop sacrificing on quality, trying to make their phones thinner.